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web: How about an autographed copy of Champion Mindset by Olympian, Scott Gregory? Get your copy and meet the man this Saturday, December 11th from 9 to 11am in the lobby of Ice World. Proceeds benefit the Chesapeake Figure Skating Club.


My first artical with my book From UDaily Nov 2010: 

Article from the Skaneateles Press Dec 2010


My goal is to help inspire and motivate you and or some one you know to become the best they can be. My plan is to touch as many people as possible making everyone better off then they were. I have a publicist helping me in my quest to promote my book. Her name is Stacey Miller at She would love to hear from you. So would I.The power of communication is limitless. If you have a little inclination to come out of your shell and change or have a big burning desire to succeed read my book, connect through my blog’s, watch my videos. Get PUMPED UP. Your were made to excel.


I have a seminar that I love to do for all young and mature.

Its called The Ice Revolution

The Ice Revolution is an: Innovative, Creative and Evolutionary approach to encourage, inspire, and motivate skaters to dedicate themselves to achieving objectives in a group environment. It utilizes a revolutionary team approach to training future champions, known as the '100 Minute Workout,' designed to improve skating skills from beginner to elite skaters.

It is the Mission of The Ice Revolution Figure Skating Seminar to: fundamentally change the way skaters are trained in America, as well as to change the way skating programs are managed and directed.

The Ice Revolution’s goal is: to increase participation, interest and enthusiasm, and popularity of the sport of figure skating, which matches or exceeds levels of participation and interest in other pursuits like gymnastics, dance, tennis, and martial arts.

Check out my “Champion Mindset” skating seminar at