My Fans Reviews

Dede Dunegan October 18, 2010
You asked me how I read it so fast.
I liked it all. That's how I read it so fast. Couldn't put it down.


Tracey Kopecki Eppert October 26, 2010
I am reading it. It's a wonderful book, Scott. I think you are fortunate to have parents that supported you and helped guide you throughout your journey. Especially your mother! What a fantastic woman. When you were being tested with Lisa and your mother said that Lisa was a good fit make it work because "success has a way of making things workout" Wow she is so right with that quote! Thank you for signing my book and telling me to "dream my own dreams and be my own champion" .

Heather wrote: My Sister
"finished your book today and all I can say is wow, wow, wow!!! it was an amazing journey. I am so, so proud to be your sister. You are an example too all. love you ."

Tom McCall October 27, 2010
Hi Scott,
I saw your initial posting on Facebook and the "reviews" by your sister and Don Matson--great promotion! Really looking forward to get a chance to read it. I also clicked on your site and saw the video where the doctor explained what happened to your back and am even more impressed with your accomplishments that I was before. I had a herniated disc and thought I'd die. Can't imagine what it took you to work through that and get back to world-class form. Amazing. Great to see you have a chance to share your experience and motivate others.

Lynn Tobia RN, FNE/A )Oct 29, 2010
Chesapeake FSC
I bought the book to give to Sophie for Christmas, which I still am, after I get you to sign it, but I couldn't help but read it myself. I had a hard time putting it down and finished it in 2 days. It was fun to read about coaches I've heard of and skating rinks that we know. What I was most impressed about was the fact that it was age appropriate for ages 5-100. So, kudos to you for being able to pull that one off. Not many books can say that. When I finally finished the book I thought that the message of not giving up your dream was the most important. Even though the road isn't always straight and narrow, you can still reach the goal. For young skaters (and non-skaters) I thought it was an incredible lesson. For me as a 50 year old, it gave me incredible insight as to what skaters go through. Even though I am personally funding one of my very own, sometimes it's difficult to understand what is going on in her head and why the drive. Because you have shared your experiences, I feel like I have a little better understanding about the sport and the determination that these young people have. For that, I thank you. I wish you all the best with the book.


Bonnie wrote:
"Scott: I read the book and identified with the entire book! Nice Work! There are many of us whom doubt our capabilities ! This is highly inspirational. Ie... many things I did not know about you, as well!!!"

 Sharon Gregory wrote:
"The book is really great. I am making notes in it of key points"

Dave and Helen Sheppard,
The book will inspire many to persevere to achieve their hopes, goals and dreams. You made it very clear that family, friends and associates helped make you a champion. Ant success any of us have had is not solely our doing but the support of many.


Mary Lee and Dick Kokosa,
I could hardly wait for the end of the day so I could begin reading
Many passages brought tears to my eyes, especially the letter from your dad.



I just got done reading your book. What a great inspiration for those setting a goal. I'm impressed with the single mindedness, and ambition. I never had anything I wanted that much.
What a tribute to Aunt Bayne and Uncle Bill. Their support was essential, and it's evident how proud they are of you.
Happy Holidays to you, Pam, and Victoria.

Your book was just "awesome" Could not put it down once I started reading it..the same day that I received it. The next day Lynne stopped in and took it home with her. Just got it back from her this week and now Uncle Jack is reading it. He was surprised that you mentioned him. That was nice.
Never knew you went thru all that turmoil while skating..
You are right that both of your Grandmother's were very proud of you too...and Grandma G is probably passing the book around to everyone in heaven stating "This is my grandson Scott...who ice skates you know"... ha ha
Angie & Uncle Jack

Dear Mr. Gregory: Dec13,2010
My son and I have just finished reading your book "Champion Mindset" and we wanted to thank you for sharing your inspirational story. We also had the privilege of being Mike Paikin's students over the past few years (can you believe he's still teaching?) and we still try get a lesson with him whenever we can. I bought him a copy of your book for Christmas; I know he will be very pleased and very proud to read it.

Best wishes for your continued and future success,
Cathy and Cody Anderson


Brigitta Zollinger Francoeur December 16, 2010 at 2:03pm
Scott - I enjoyed reading your book! Its amazing to read about your childhood and feelings towards skating, it brought me right back to my childhood. From skating on the lake, to the eager anticipation of getting on the ice - you nailed it! I had no idea you had some many injuries, but amazing courage and strength. I especially loved the letters from your parents, it was nice you included them in your book! Great job!


thought the book was outstanding. every young athlete and their parents should read it. for me it was like going along for the ride all over again. having worked with your mom for all those years she always would fill me in on your adventures and what was happening with your skating. so it was like going to a familiar place. once again it was a great read and good luck with it. say hi to your mom and dad for me.
Bob Benjamin Jan 1, 2011

Hi Scott,
I finally got a chance to read your book on the plane during a recent business trip and was extremely impressed. I vividly remember you in school as Heather’s little brother—the kid on the crutches who always had a smile on his face. I really had no idea how much dedication, determination, and intensity was hiding behind that grin. The fact that a broken kneecap (twice), late nights, early mornings, long days, extended stints away from friends and family, disappointments, discouragements, setbacks and, finally, a debilitating back injury didn’t put a damper on your drive is inspiring. You should be a poster child for perseverance. Everyone in Skaneateles was proud of your accomplishments at the Olympics—how much more so if we had known the whole story.
Thanks for sharing.


Got a copy of your terrific book. It really is insperational and shows so clearly your determination and wonderful spirit. It will be required reading of any athelete who wants to be successful.
Aunt Nancy Feb 13, 2011