The traffic was down to two lanes out of four the other day as I was driving over the Delaware Memorial Bridge. Must be repair and maintenance I thought. Rounding the top of the arched suspension bridge I see three or four police cars with their lights flashing, and four or five cops bunched together outside their cars.

At this point traffic has slowed to a crawl as I peered around looking for the cause. The next thing I see is this young black man dressed in blue jeans with a nice looking blue and white striped shirt, sitting on the bridge railing support, facing out. He looked over his shoulder at the cops. Obviously he was thinking about jumping.

I knew of someone who took his life jumping off the bridge. The moment really took me by surprise. I couldn’t know what he was thinking. I don’t know what lead him to that point in his life. But I do know the thoughts you think lead you to the place where you are in life at this very moment. It is so important to know and understand what kind of thoughts are going into your mind and swirling around, trying to gain the upper hand.

In consulting sessions I’ve said your thoughts are the steering wheel that takes you to where you’re going. It’s so essential to put positive thoughts into your head to help direct and reinforce a quality path in life. How do you create this mindset?

Get your hands on some inspirational books. Watch movies that are uplifting and encouraging. Stop hanging around the kind of people or places that pull you down. Trust your instincts to know who or what they are.

Get involved with altruistic groups and charitable organizations. Mingle with people who make you feel good. You need to make that change. Begin now – start putting new, positive thoughts into your mind.

Life is not always going to be hunky dory, happy all the time. The ABC Wide World of Sports tagline was “The thrill of victory … the agony of defeat.” This sums up what I’m talking about. You need to maintain the attitude that things happen for a reason – whether it’s tragic or glorious.

Defeat is the gate that opens the door for growth. Think of all the athletes at the Olympics in London. Do you think the road to the top came without defeat? No! That’s why they are there now. They took that loss and overcame their obstacles to push harder. As an Olympian I know this first hand. In life we have choices to make. Once made, you can’t go back and change the past. It’s what is in front of us that counts – that we need to focus on.

When I saw the young man on the bridge it was around 1:00pm in the afternoon. About 6:00pm on my way home, I rounded the top of the bridge and was surprised to see he was still sitting in the same spot, faced out, with the cops a car length away – still talking to him. Can you imagine what was going on in his mind to be there that long?

I took it as a good sign that the information he was hearing from the police had so far convinced him not to jump. After more than seven hours the positive reinforcement from the police and the help they likely promised to get for him created positive thoughts – he didn’t jump.

So don’t feel defeated when time are tough. Always know that the impossible is possible by changing the input that goes in to your mind – which results in actions that can change your life for the better.

Be your own Champion.

Live your dreams.

Scott Gregory

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Be your own champion. Live your dreams.


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We live with fear every day in varying degrees from silly to devastating. Most inhabit our lives without any real substance. Though often without merit, it’s difficult not to let the fear fester, roiling inside of you.

Fear might rise in a slow thought that begins only as the size of a pin prick in the back of your mind. But left unchecked, it grows over time until it overwhelms you, and becomes a true threat to your personal success.

It can make you doubt yourself: What’s happening to my business? Am I going to be able to make ends meet? Or it could be fear of the unknown that lurks just around the corner or under the bed that scares the ba-G-Gs out of you. (more…)

I recently completed my presentation, “Developing your Champion Mindset,” at the Professional Skaters Association’s International Conference in Boston and came to realize―which reinforces my original thoughts―that the information I am sharing is not just for the skating world but for the whole world, in all walks of life.

Following my talk, Tim Estiloz, a journalist and broadcast entertainer, approached me and enthusiastically commented that all the advice I offer, like setting goals, looking on the bright side of life, refusing to give up (10 Tips for Developing a Winning Mindset), apply to more than just sports—they’re affirmations for everyone.

We all have moments that open our minds to another dimension. I call them Aha! Moments―that’s when the lightbulb turns on in your head. Ideas pop into your mind about how you can better the situation you are in; or you get a great idea for something you’ve been working on. Or maybe a terrific idea for a new invention suddenly occurs. (more…)

Do you find that often in life the thought of our purpose ponders back and forth in your mind? At some point, most of us ask ourselves, “Why am I here?”

It is the challenge to understand our existence on this earth. We can go through life like a butterfly and flutter from one place to another, or we can charge after our destinations with the speed of a cheetah, chosen only by the immediate direction of our thoughts. But once a choice has been made there is always the fear of failure or incompleteness.

Most of the time to be successful or win at something comes with a price. Having been an Olympic competitor I’ve crossed roads of disappointments perhaps more often than most. The important message to remember is the effort that you put into your work which creates your journey through life.

Like the rippling effect of a rock skipped across the water, believe it or not your action and results will collide or coincide with another person, and so on. Set a good example that others can follow. You’ve heard it before, but it’s so true: It isn’t whether you win or lose. It’s how you play the game.

Through the words in my book, Champion Mindset, I tell my story. In the email below that I received from one of my readers, you will see how the rippling effect helped a mother understand her daughter more. That’s why I am here … what is your purpose? (more…)

Young, innocent, you and I once searched the future. We sought to find a place where our dreams would fit in and take hold.

We dreamed a lot back then. Dreamed of many, many things. Things to do, things to be, places to go, places to have. We dreamed of brilliant ideas that could be the next generation’s craze.

Over time, the reality of life blurred the sight of our dreams; they seemed to fade away further, until they were out of sight or had fallen to the wayside.

And thoughts like, it’s not possible, I can’t do that, it won’t work, I don’t have the time … still swirl around and around in our heads.

STOP!!! Stop thinking those negative thoughts. It’s time to take a chance and take control of our thoughts. We have to be conscious of what kind of thoughts are buzzing around in our heads. Is the voice in your head finding every excuse in the book for why it can’t be done, why you can’t do it, or why you can’t have it, or be it?

STOP!!! We have a choice—think negatively, or think positively. Now that you are aware of the kind of thoughts you are thinking, it’s important to keep them positive. Tell that voice in your head, “Yes I can!” (more…)

Getting Geared Up!

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Have you ever wondered how to get ready for an important date, event, speech, competition, etc.? Does it scare you a little to know you will have to be at the top of your game? When I was preparing for an event, I always looked several months in advance in order to have time to perfect and train my programs. Preparation is the key!

Here are some suggestions on how to prepare:

  • Focus on the date for your event
  • Train for your competition or event as soon as possible
  • Give yourself plenty of time
  • Research if necessary


It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change. ~Author unknown, commonly mis-attributed to Charles Darwin.

The word “champion” has diverse significances for each of us. For me, the word has changed so many times over the years, and makes me realize that each time I felt passionately enough about something (to need to be a champion) was a time that contributed to my fundamental self.

That being said, here I sit: a father, husband, son, author, and skating coach. We all change and reinvent ourselves constantly. Change keeps us going! But I wasn’t always a skating coach, author, etc. My journey started on a lake where my passion grew each time my feet touched the ice. “I was addicted to the thrill of it all.” (Champion Mindset, p. 21)

My delight for the ice was satisfied on that lake until eventually my town built a new rink and formed a figure skating club. From that point on, ice skating dominated my thoughts, and I often doodled figure skating shapes in my notebook margins. (more…)

We can gradually grow into any condition we desire, provided we first make ourselves in habitual mental attitude the person who corresponds to those conditions. ~Thomas Troward

Everyone’s journey begins on their day of birth and though we grow and learn every day of our lives, we each have a major turning point somewhere. Champions must have a turning point where they realize they must be a champion every day. Champions make perfection habitual. The twists and turns that lead me to this realization happened like this:

…It was 1985, I just had a disappointing finish at the World Championships in Tokyo after a slight mistake. Then (and to make a long story short), I was given a surprise chance to redeem myself at a competition in Morzine, France.

I excelled to successfully winning the competition! I was on top of the world until twenty-four hours later when I skated in the exhibition following the competition in Morzine. Yet another slight fumble of feet created a major turning point … following the exhibition I was approached  by an official of the International Skating Union about my error.

This is how it went down: (more…)

The Journey

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Success is not a place at which one arrives but rather the spirit with which one undertakes and continues the journey. ~Alex Noble

The reason I chose to open with this quote by Alex Noble is because, in my opinion, his words help define my journey to success. The most memorable, awe inspiring and difficult part of anyone’s life journey is coping with setbacks and how we overcome them.

We hear it all the time―without rain we couldn’t appreciate the sun, etc… and as my Dad told me years before one of my most challenging setbacks, “Injuries never come at a convenient time.” (Champion Mindset, p. 14.)

Injuries are perhaps one of the most trying setbacks an athlete can encounter and overcome. We require our bodies to perform at an unrivaled level every day. Achieving such a level is part of this remarkable journey. Elite Athletes work through pain and when our minds tell us to stop, we keep going and endure even more. This builds the physical prowess necessary for athletic prominence and personal character. (more…)